Your Camino de Santiago Map

The idea of creating a bespoke map to celebrate and remember your Camino de Santiago came about because of my own search for a map to show the route I had walked. I wanted something to have on display, a memory of the journey, a talking point.

There are many excellent maps available online but none of them printable at higher resolutions when covering such large areas and most of the printed, illustrative, poster type maps available are of a generic nature with no personal relationship to the individual pilgrim.

The map I originally made for myself, uses satellite imagery (under license) and every place that I stayed has been carefully located and marked. When mapping the route I have tried to keep as faithfull as possible to my actual footsteps, even my diversions from the regular Frances route. The images have a resolution that allow for a highly detailed print and using a magnifying glass it is amazing what can be seen (and recognised). After enquiries from friends and various contacts about producing something similar for them, I decided that this may be a product that others would be interested in.

Camino Map Co. is pretty much a one man band with occasional help from a friendly designer. Each map is created as a 'one off' and my aim is to 'get it right' , to make sure all detail is how you want it. to be.  This invariably means changes to the first proof and maybe a 2nd, 3rd, 4th proof is made until you have exactly what you want. This is a normal part of the process, there is no extra charges for multiple proofs, Usually a few hours is required to setup each map, proof the artwork, make changes if required, print, package and post. The whole process from order to delivery will very much depend on how quickly proofs are returned and approved for printing but it is usually no more than 14 days.